Want to be a blogger: try the 30 Day Challenge

In this 30 Day Blogging Challenge I will share my insights on 3 areas which I have regularly worked on over the last 2 years.

  1. Improving my academic performance
  2. Becoming proficient in WordPress
  3. Leading a fulfilling and productive lifestyle

The 30 day blogging challenge is the perfect opportunity for me to break habits around writers block as well as providing useful information for other people, so they too can see an improvement in their accomplishments.

Improving my academic performance

Stirling Guildry Prize

I would like to share the hints and tips which allowed me to make substantial improvements in my whole academic performance. Upon entering the final year of my undergraduate degree in 2015, I was sitting on a low 2:1, I didn’t get assigned a class which interested me, and my dissertation had suffered a messy start – with two topic changes and a supervisor change in less than 2 weeks.

However despite all of the initial obstacles, I had carefully planned out a strategy for maximising my grades across the board to gain the best possible final degree classification. As a result I came out with a first class BA (Hons.) in History, my dissertation received the Stirling Guildry Prize (see above) for the highest scoring British history dissertation, and my lowest mark during the entire year was a 68 for my first dissertation chapter.

Becoming proficient in WordPress

I have been interested in WordPress ever since I joined the University of Stirling newspaper “Brig” in 2015 as a sports reporter. I came in just as our website was being launched, and discovered a whole new way to publish compelling content.

Article 0 (Everything) (Collage)

WordPress in the most popular content management system in the world today, with up to 75 million websites being founded, developed and edited on its network. Since April 2017 I have built three websites using WordPress, attended WordCamp Manchester and PHP Camp Edinburgh, and founded a web development consultancy called WebApprentice last September.

I would like to share my solutions to some of the obstacles which I encountered so that you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

I would also like for you to share some of your experiences of WordPress and other content management systems on my blog posts and on the WebApprentice social media outlets.

I hope that we can help each other to learn and innovate!


Leading a fulfilling and productive lifestyle

Ultimately success in the workplace and in the classroom is all about leading a lifestyle which is geared towards giving you the best chance of seeking out the best opportunities for improving your life and taking advantage of opportunities as then come along.

I will write about the steps I have taken to optimise my routine for productivity, setting manageable (but ambitious) challenges, and also how seeking out culturally enriching activities has benefited me intellectually and spiritually.


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